Confidence Can Keep You from Heartbreak

Heartbreak was never included in our life plan. When we were kids, we usually painted a picture of ourselves in a wedding gown, walking down the aisle and then we were supposed to live happily ever after. No one told us happily ever after can lead to broken hearts, low self-esteem and depression

Today, I would like to share with you how confidence can keep you from a heartbreak.

Confidence starts with your attitude, not what others (including your partner) think of you. No one can do this for you. It has to start from within. You can start with believing in yourself. You were born gifted, blessed and beautiful inside and out. All you need to do is to believe in those and embody it.

There may be times in our lives when that picture of yours get tarnished by hurtful words others may have thrown at you but always remember that is not true. You are the only one who can define you.

When you start being confident, the world starts seeing and treating you in a different way, including your partner. Confidence lets you earn respect and self-worth. Confidence also leads to happiness, compassion and contentment.

When you’re confident you don’t have to keep competing with others, whether it’s your colleagues, ex-girlfriends or even in-laws. When you’re confident, your biggest competition is yourself. You will continue to aim to be a better version of yourself. And that’s okay.

Sometimes the journey to happily ever after leads to a heartbreak, it’s okay. You both made mistakes and you both failed. Believe me, that’s okay. And if you are in this situation, accept, forgive and let go.

Accept that your happily ever after is not going to end with him in the picture and that’s okay. That maybe your happily ever after is with another partner or maybe that happily ever after with just being confidently you.

Remember in the midst of a heartbreak, never forget your authentic you. Dig within and unravel your truth, because buried in the dark remnants of your past is your brilliant self waiting to come out again.

Trust in the process of healing and forgiveness, and while you’re in this meantime moment, love yourself a little bit more. Believe that you can get over this and believe that a wonderful life has been painted ahead of you.

Use your heartbreak to bounce back to a better, more confident version of you. Tell me are you ready to get more confidence?

In six short years Camille has already coached hundreds of women and become a Master Guide in post divorce living. Her unique background in management, speaking, and consulting gives her special insight through the lens of her own divorce, which she uses to guide highly motivated women to new levels of awareness and the art of creating their most beautiful life ever. Camille’s mission is to teach divorcee’s and women at a crossroads like yourself how to discover, connect and commit to your highest self so you can start living your own life in exceptional moments. In the last few years, Camille has been featured Holistic Fashionista Magazine, Socially Aligned, the book How to Heal Yourself and the World and The Amazing People Podcast to tell her remarkable story.

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