Camille’s Bohemian Style!

Sistergirls, I have recently become so in love with the bohemian look .What could be better is that since hubby and I moved into our new space, I now have a beautiful sunroom with 3 walls of windows and french doors to decorate.

I haven’t started yet because I’ve been traveling for a project and just haven’t had the time. I have a few items like my desk which I love to work at when I’m coaching my jet setting clients and my studio lights for when I’m shooting videos (which is not often) but that’s about it- lol 🤪

I just adore the comfortable look and feel and I want the room to not only serve as my office but also a relaxing space for company. Some of the younger ones in the family come to visit as well as my teenager and for the first time since our move my oldest and his long time girlfriend are coming to stay with us for a week- woohoo, I’m so siked!

So this is what I’m thinking

  • I like the lots of pillows vibe!
  • Vibrant colors are cool!
  • Comfort is a non-negotiable!

I’ve been all over Pinterest looking for some inspo. I have a board there that I started pinning items to with the vibe I’m going for called Set Up Your Prayer + Meditation Room

Yasss, a comfortable space for everyone when here, but my own divine sacred space for when I’m alone 🙌🏼 what more could a girl ask for?

In six short years Camille has already coached hundreds of women and become a Master Guide in post divorce living. Her unique background in management, speaking, and consulting gives her special insight through the lens of her own divorce, which she uses to guide highly motivated women to new levels of awareness and the art of creating their most beautiful life ever. Camille’s mission is to teach divorcee’s and women at a crossroads like yourself how to discover, connect and commit to your highest self so you can start living your own life in exceptional moments. In the last few years, Camille has been featured Holistic Fashionista Magazine, Socially Aligned, the book How to Heal Yourself and the World and The Amazing People Podcast to tell her remarkable story.

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