Meet Camille

Hey there, I’m Camille Davis

I’m an Coach, Life Hacktivist®, full-time gypsy (seriously) and divorcée, just like you. I help women cultivate the courage to move forward, find their truest self and create their most beautiful life ever after heartbreak.

I vehemently believe a few things:
Women are resilient, resourceful & beautiful
Happiness is a choice you make moment by moment
Passion is cultivated one small action at a time
The greatest courage is the courage to create something out of nothing
It doesn’t take two to make a house a home – or a life worth living
And perhaps most importantly, getting the life you want and deserve is just a matter of choosing to go out and create it!

Nobody knows the pain and heartache of divorce like I do. When I say I’ve been there, I mean it.

I know how it feels to be cracked open by divorce – to feel raw, shaky and shackled to my pain. I know how it feels to spend weeks underneath covers, praying that the phone doesn’t ring so I don’t have to repeat the story of my divorce – or incessantly assure people I’m “okay” – one more time.

I know how it feels to feel lost, shattered and like the whole world has shifted beneath your feet.

But that honestly wasn’t even the worst part of my divorce. The worst part was that I felt completely, utterly let down –and not just because my life-partner had abandoned me, but because I had abandoned myself.

See, before getting hitched, I was quite the adventurous soul – a passionate woman who loved painting and sketching and was always down to try new things. I was silly and crazy and a little bit wild. But I was happy as hell.

But somehow during my five years of marriage, I lost sight of the courageous woman I used to be.

I slowly began giving up tiny pieces of myself. A chunk loosened and fell off every time I broke a promise to myself…promises like, “I’ll totally get back to the gym tomorrow,” “I’ll NEVER stop writing” or “I’ll never be one of those wives who doesn’t have her own life.”

Of course, I didn’t notice that the pieces of me were slowly falling away while I was wrapped up in family life and trying (so hard) to be a good wife and mother.

But when the divorce left me with a wide open space in my heart – and plenty of time for self-reflection – I was forced to face myself.

And it was then that I realized I barely recognized the woman in the mirror.

Luckily, this open space allowed me to hear a very important message from the universe: “This isn’t who you’re supposed to be.”

And another, too: “This is your chance to find out what makes you happy again.”

And so? I decided to follow the whisper of the universe. I was still broken, but I knew deep in my belly I had to start putting the pieces back together.

I started small, committed to doing just ONE thing each day that made me happy.

That was it. That was all I could handle.

But it was enough.

Because here’s the thing with happiness: It is always a choice. In every minute, every hour, every second, we have the ability to pick joy or fear.

And eventually, the deliberate moments of joy I chose each day snowballed. Once I started deliberately seeking happiness, I found more and more beautiful things, experiences and people to be grateful for.

My devastating divorce happened 10 years ago, but it honestly feels like another lifetime.

Today, I finally have a life that feels like my own, that isn’t dependent on anyone or anything else. I run my own popular Facebook community, have a thriving coaching business and I literally roam the world gypsy-style.

I guess you could say Camille got her groove back.

I’ve created my dream life. And I did it after divorce.

Now, here’s what I really want you to know: I’m not special. I’m not lucky or more talented or “smarter” than you. I don’t have anything inside me that you don’t already have inside you.

You, too, have a courageous woman inside, dying to create her dream life after divorce. All you’ve gotta do is give her permission to come out and play.

Think you’re ready? Then come dig deep with me in my signature Divorce Survivorship™ program where I’ll help you heal the past and cultivate strength and courage beyond your wildest imagination.

Or, you can join the Courageous Woman coaching group and get support on the daily from women just like you to create the life you want.

No matter how you choose to move forward, I want you to know I got your back. Always.


A Few Fun Facts About Me (‘Cause Why Not! I Own All of Me!):

  1. I started a cake business at 13, which means I’m still designated “cake-baker” at every family gathering, holiday and birthday.
  2. My younger self wanted to be a fashion designer (and I’ve got the portfolio to prove it!)
  3. I’ve been public speaking since a very young age (my mother made sure of it).
  4. I was the Editor-in-Chief of my high school yearbook.
  5. I became a single mom in college. I dropped out and ended up on welfare. I take this as another sign that with perseverance and determination, you can turn any situation around.
  6. I have two boys Jaleel & Jordan and they are the center of my universe!
  7. Yes, I’m really a gypsy. I live the gypset life and travel constantly. Home is where the heart is for me, literally.
  8. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without almond M&Ms. I believe they were created by the chocolate Gods to tempt me 🙂